Responsibilities include:

- Maintenance of the vessels exterior and interior, which may include painting, sweeping, window washing and vacuuming; - Luggage handling, participating in docking and anchoring maneuvers and line handling;
- Standing Watches (wheel, gangway, deck, fog, anchor)for security purposes;
- Engine room system checks.
- Working on a 5-shift rotation, you will be responsible for the following:
- Handle mooring lines during docking, anchoring, and locking procedures
- Gangway watches: Assisting the loading/off-loading of passengers, standing security watch, adjusting gangway set-up as needed
- Daily on-board duties: Perform tasks as assigned by the First Mate or Captain, including maintenance, repairs, and customer service work. Complete safety and security rounds. Half-hour generator and engine checks. Assisting the engineer with various jobs. Watch standing for general safety, fire and engineering.
- Port duties: Loading and off-loading supplies, laundry, water, trash. Sometimes cleaning of the exterior of the boat and painting. On turnaround days, loading food stores.
- Safety duties: As listed on the vessel’s Safety Billet. Responsible for responding to drills and actual emergencies. Such emergencies can include fire, man overboard, abandon ship, etc.
- Customer service: Interact with passengers in a professional and friendly manner. Provide excellent customer service while assisting passengers on and off the vessel, working on cabin maintenance, etc.
- Additional responsibilities: Following proper sanitation procedures, additional duties as assigned by the First Mate or Captain, tender duties while anchored


You must be at least 18 years of age.

Must be at least 18 years of age, and a US citizen (or eligible to work in the U.S.).

Related experience preferred.

All positions require pre-employment, random, reasonable cause and post accident alcohol and drug testing, as per US Coast Guard and DOT regulations.

Physical Demands; All vessel positions can be physically demanding. Repetitive motion, bending, climbing and often heavy lifting, are requirements of most vessel positions. Every crew member works varied shifts, which average 12 hours a day, every day while on board.

Uniform/Grooming Standards; At our cruise company it is important that your attire and personal grooming reflect a positive and professional image. The company has a uniform policy that all crew members need to adhere to.