Senior Refrigeration Engineer


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The REFRIGERATION ENGINEER is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the HVAC plant, the provisioning plant and related cold rooms, all refrigerated bar and galley equipment.

* Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the engine room and galley ventilation systems, including local and centralized CO2/Halon fire extinguishing systems

* Responsible for the maintenance and periodic testing of fire dampers and Gaylord systems including periodic inspection and cleaning of the laundry exhaust duct, including record keeping of the cleaning schedule.

* Shall personally inspect the cleanliness and safety of galley, laundry, and launderette exhaust ducts, and shall ensure that all required and necessary cleaning routines and records are properly executed.

* The Refrigeration Engineer is responsible for the AMOS Planned Maintenance System for the HVAC department and shall keep a close cooperation with the Supply Officer, Staff Chief Engineer and the Chief Engineer.

* Additional responsbilities include the HVAC Stores, parts and supplies, inventory control and purchase requisitions.



* Holds appropriate licenses and certificates as required by regulations.

Special Requirements:

* EPA Universal Refrigerant Certification preferred but not required.