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Crew Purser


The responsibilities of the Crew Purser are:

- Taking care of crew account related matters.

- Crew sign-on and offs and all related aspects.

- Being in charge of crew cashbooks.

- Ordering sufficient funds in a timely manner from Financial Officer.

- Arranging crew payroll and cash advances.

- Ensuring accurate financial reporting to Financial Officer.

- Printing, updating and distributing of crew manifests.

- Ensures that crew comply with immigration requirements for ports of call.

- Prepares clearance formalities for crew, according to request of Financial Officer / Guest Relation Manager.

- Communications with Ship’s Agents regarding crew clearance matters.

- Updating and maintaining crew clearance information on ports visited.

- Collect information on upcoming ports of call.

- Making crew rotation plan in conjunction with Heads of Department, Hotel Director and Crew Manager.

- Training of personnel, if requested by Hotel Manager or Head Office.

- Requesting and ensuring that maintenance in the department is carried out.


- The candidate should have a strong work ethic and great communication skills!

- Ability to work long hours

- Ability to work within international environment

- Fluency in English