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Photo - Manager


POSITION SUMMARY: Reporting onboard directly to the Hotel Director and to shore-side Photo Operations Management, this role requires that the candidate oversee the entire photo operation. This includes but is not limited to: guest service, image production, achieving budgeted revenue goals, business planning and analysis, photo laboratory & photo gallery operations, accounting, scheduling, reporting, staff training and development, succession planning, liaising with onboard and shore-side teams, complete environmental compliance, inventory control, marketing and promoting all areas of the photo operation and driving the business forward in accordance with the company’s goals. In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.


The goal of the Photo Manager is to ensure that the best quality service is provided for each area of the operation. This position is responsible for the co-ordination of both production and sales forces to maximize the sales and profits of the onboard photo department. The Photo Manager must work towards achieving profitable results for Norwegian while maintaining full compliance and professional integrity of all policies. They are expected to project the highest level of professionalism to the staff and the Guests while offering quality Customer Service to all.


- A degree, diploma or equivalent in photography, at least 12 months practical photographic experience, and experience in managing a multi-faceted high volume photographic sales operation is required for this position. If applicant has no formal qualifications, suitable experience will be taken into consideration in lieu of qualifications.

- In addition, the applicant should have at least one year’s experience as a shipboard photographer, and one year’s experience as an Assistant Photo Manager, although other relevant experience may be taken into account in lieu of this requirement.

Thorough knowledge of the Cruise Line’s environmental policy relating to Photo Lab operations is essential.


- College educated, complete resume showing required experience, with strong professional and character references. Where no relevant education exists, suitable experience may be taken into consideration.
- Applicant must have advanced computer literacy, knowledge of and experience using Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop, and MXP and be able to operate other advanced computer systems, touch-screen kiosks and perform basic computer troubleshooting procedures.



• Create an effective, efficient, staff duty schedule that is fair, balanced and provides the infrastructure to exceed budgeted goals for revenue and guest satisfaction
• Ensure image quality is maximized for all events through regular photographer feedback, training and coaching
• Ensure customer service is always of the highest level, through monitoring, training, coaching and developing the team, and leading by example.
• Take a pro-active role in staff development and training, being able to deliver effective training sessions, and provide regular coaching for all team members to continuously drive revenue and guest satisfaction scores beyond budgeted goals and strengthen the operation
• Complete all reports required by onboard and shore-side management Complete all onboard paperwork and reports for immigration, offloads, storing, inventory, expenses, end-of-voyage, and financial reporting in a timely and accurate manner
• Execute a coordinated effective sales and promotion strategy each cruise
• Ensure continuous adherence of the whole team to company uniform, grooming standards and Platinum Standards & Impressions through monitoring, coaching and training as required
• Conduct any necessary disciplinary actions in accordance with current company policy
• Photograph any events as required
• Protect all company inventory and equipment through ensuring all staff follow proper handling and security procedures at all times
• Construct positive working relationships with other department heads onboard, and liaise with them to assist with guest service requests, internal activities and cross-promotions and photo coverage/opportunities
• Ensure departmental compliance to all hotel practices and shipboard policies through training, coaching and monitoring • Maintain familiarity with the Safety and Environmental Management System and all applicable shipboard and department Standard Operating Procedures, and ensure the adherence of all Photo Department operations to these standards
• Ensuring that the Lab Technician is correctly managing the lab operation.
• Ensuring that Assistant Manager is correctly managing the sales operation.
• Full professionalism is being used in the running of sales and production areas.
• Zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol in the workplace.
• Handover procedures are fully complied with.
• Paperwork correctly filled in and sent on time.
• All Norwegian owned equipment and photographer’s personal equipment is secured and protected from damage or neglect.
• Designated and approved training programs are being run correctly.
• Work schedules are fair, unbiased and distributed before the start of each cruise. Any changes are communicated as quickly as deemed possible.
• Take an active part in a good proportion of the shooting and areas of the operation (including actively participating in training)
• Be available for shoots that involve senior management. Untrained and inexperienced photographers should not be shooting these events.
• Be available for any other reasonable duties that your Shoreside Operations Manager or company representative may assign
• Compliance of all policies and procedures.
• Integrity and Professionalism of the In-House Photo Department.
• Quality Customer Service to all guests
• Risk Management.
• Maintain positive staff attitudes at all times and monitor the levels of enthusiasm carried by the team.
• Retail and Production Inventory Control.
• Gallery and Lab workflow.
• In-House Photo Department administration and reporting needs.
• Lab Failure Procedures and compliance.
• Inventory Management reporting.
• Manager Handovers.


Reporting to the Hotel Director and shore-side Onboard Revenue Photo Operations Management teams the Photo Manager is required to maintain department professionalism, efficiency and productivity, by monitoring and managing the entire Photo Department operation to ensure both revenue and guest satisfaction is maximized, in order to exceed budgeted goals.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS • All vessel positions require repetitive motion of bending, climbing, going up and down stairs and lifting more than 25 pounds • Must be able to stand for long periods of time • All team members must be physically able to participate in emergency life saving procedures and drills. All vessel positions require full use and range of arms and legs as well as full visual, verbal and hearing abilities to receive and give instructions in the event of an emergency including the lowering of lifeboats. • Work within different temperature ranges – indoors, and outdoors in varying weather conditions • Able to pass basic safety course • This is a minimal description of duties. Other work requirements may be necessary and assigned as business or maritime law dictates.


• Excellent English language skills – comprehension, reading, writing and fluent conversational spoken skills
• Well groomed, personable, responsive, socially capable, confident and creatively minded
• Must be willing to work in an intense, busy and demanding environment, working 7 days a week, up to 70 hours per week, for at least 6 months at a time
• Proactive problem solver and team player
• Able to consistently demonstrate positive character and behaviors; smiling, enthusiasm, being polite and courteous, and able to motivate others to do the same
• Must be customer-focused and be comfortable in dealing with the general public on a daily basis
• Must maintain a professional appearance and good hygiene
• Must be a team player, be wiling to work in a multi-cultural environment with respect for all co-workers and guests
• Able and willing to live and work in close quarters with other crew members
• Must have an understanding of, and consideration for, the environment and related departmental and shipboard environmental protection practices