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• Be familiar with and active in the Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) including his/her responsibility in the safety organization according to the Crew Emergency Plan and Station Bill.

• Prepare the fire drill and training and together with the Safety Officer prepare the weekly familiarization and safety meeting for all sign on crew and crew changes.

• Assist with introduction of new crew members joining the vessel.

• Together with the Safety Officer, Security Officer and if required a Deck Officer orientate each new crew member in their emergency duties in relation to the Crew Emergency Plan, Station Bill, including the use of fire Screen and watertight doors.

• Conduct the fire prevention and Fire Fighting familiarization training of joining crew.

• Conduct the Basic Fire Fighting and assist as a lifeguard for the Personal Survival for the Basic Safety Course on the Bahamian registered vessels.

• Coordinate entry of fire training and drills into the electronic logbook with the Safety Officer.

• Assist in the assignment of and ensure that all fire team members are properly trained.

• Identify, prepare and train back up teams to support Bravo/Delta and Bravo/Delta Supply.

• Prepare and maintain training schedules for the above teams.

• Maintain the portable fire fighting equipment onboard the vessel ensuring that all equipment is kept in good working order and available for immediate use.

• Complete inspections and maintenance in accordance with AMOS including the vessels tenders and lifeboats.

• Not test and report faults on fire screen doors, although individual doors discovered during rounds or while carrying out routine firefighting equipment maintenance shall be reported.

• Maintain the Fire Equipment Log, log and bring any equipment deficiencies to the attention of the Safety Officer.

• Ensure all fire-extinguishing appliances comply with SOLAS regulations, Class Authorities, Flag State Administration, Manufacturer’s recommendations, and all repairs, alterations or modifications are done in accordance to above-mentioned institutions and also shall be fully conversant with the regulations of the authorities in addition to local authorities.

• Carry an internal communication device at all times.

• Attend Maintenance and Safety and Security Meetings weekly as well as Crew Safety and Environmental Committee meetings once a month.

• Conduct crew cabin inspections every week.

• Participate in the company's emergency codes and assists the medical team in medical emergency situations where this does not conflict with fire fighting/damage control tasks.

• Continuously evaluate and prevent potential fire hazards to improve the ship's fire prevention and control standards.

• Carry out fire risk assessments and prepare ships specific fire attack plans as per SEMS.

• Inspect all hot work areas and give permission for the work to commence.

• Check atmosphere of enclosed spaces for gas and sufficient oxygen level, prior to entry of any work teams into enclosed spaces.

• Be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the SEMS, and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position

• Not be assigned to any Fire Team however he/she will enter with the first attacking team.

• Schedule with the Safety Officer to carry out alternate safety and fire prevention rounds of the vessel.



• Hold appropriate certificates as required by regulations and the company, these include but are not limited to: - Basic Safety - Advanced Fire Fighting - Assessor and Instructor - Draeger SCBA Maintenance

• A minimum of 3 years of professional firefighting experience