The 3rd Engineer is a Licensed Engine watch keeper (Junior Engineer On Watch) who performs watch operation, controls and maintains machineries.

- Reporting to Engineer Officer on Watch and superiors: Chief Engineer and Staff Engineer;
- Assisting watch keeping in the Engine Room and in Engine Control Room for the safe conduction of ship operations;
- Attending arrival and departure maneuvering as co-operator;
- Ensuring that all technical equipments are in proper working condition during the watch;
- Updating Official Log Books and Registers;
- Assisting in the verify, update and plan of the maintenance of equipments;
- Supporting the management of the requisition chain, verifying inventory and quantity in stock;
- Mentoring and developing the education of Ratings working in the Engine operational team;
- In case the 3rd Engineer is assigned to the ship's hotel maintenance engineering team, will assist the Hotel Engineer in the maintenance and repair of all machineries, equipment and systems belonging to hotel area.


- Diploma from an accredited maritime training school or facility;
- Certificate of Competency IMO III/1 plus all required STCW certificates;
- Experience of at least 1 contract as Junior EOOW holding IMO III/1;
- Experience as Junior EOOW on Cruise Vessels is an advantage;
- Good written, spoken and technical English;
- Computer literacy;
- Being committed to Safety;
- Respecting and applying Company Values being an example for Others.