Cadet Electronics Officer is responsible for the maintenance and repair of ship's communication systems, electrical propulsion motors control system, TV systems, telephone systems, automation systems.

- Assisting to Electronics Officer;
- Keeping watch in the Engine Room with particularly busy periods when leaving or entering port;
- Scheduling maintenance to perform;
- Ensuring that all technical equipments are in proper working condition;
- Verifying, updating and planning the maintenance of machineries and plants;
- Supporting the maintenance and the repairing of the main and auxiliary engines and their belonging systems and equipment.


- BSc in Electronics or Electrical Field and Industrial Automation. Well accepted candidates with a University degree in Electronics Engineering;
- At least 12 months experience in electronical industry;
- Good written, spoken and technical English;
- Computer literacy;
- Being committed to Safety;
- Respecting and applying Company Values being an example for Others.