The Staff Engineer has overall responsibility for the efficiency maintenance of the Engine Department, its associated plans, equipments related to safety, propulsion, power and hotel department in a safe and efficient manner.

- Reporting to Chief Engineer;
- Planning the organization needed to put to effect in detail the instructions of Chief Engineer, instructs and directs the Engine Crew, including Engineers and he is in charge for the Engine Department’s archive keeping it updated;
- Being responsible for inventory control, spare parts and consumption;
- Being responsible for the accident prevention and safety of Engine Department staff;
- Being responsible for the risk assessment on the workspace within Engine Department;
- Collaborating with the Safety Officer for maintaining the efficiency of all safety plants (rescue, fire fighting, etc.);
- Ensuring all Technical Personnel are well trained in the operations of the vessel’s main and auxiliary machinery and that safety is emphasized along with environmental compliance with all laws, Company and Corporate Standards regulations;
- Ensuring that lock-out and tag-out procedures must be used whenever work involving electrical panels, breaker cabinets or other machinery (pumps, motors, etc.) requires the securing of electrical power, or other potentially hazardous energy sources (steam, air, oil, water, etc.);
- Ensuring that the technical staff is familiar with the Damage Control Plan, and all safety procedures and equipment;
- Ensuring that all Engineering staff is familiar with the SOPEP;
- Ensuring that maintenance logs and history are properly documented in the PMS system is used in a timely, consistently and in an efficient manner;
- Supporting the Engine operation team.


- Diploma from an accredited maritime training school or facility;
- Certificate of Competency IMO III/2 or higher (Unlimited Chief Engineer License) plus all required STCW certificates;
- At least 2-3 contracts experience as Staff Engineer on Cruise Vessels;
- Excellent written, spoken and technical English;
- Computer literacy; Being committed to Safety;
- Respecting and applying Company Values being an example for Others.