3rd Engine Officer Jr.


Job Summary & Responsibilities:

• Stands engine watch as instructed by Chief Engineer, in charge of: (Under direct supervision of Sr Engineering Officer)
• Bilge, Ballast and Heeling Systems, including related components (piping, pumps, valves, actuators, level transmitters, etc.)
• Grey Water System
• Black Water System (Collecting Tanks and Treatment Plants)
• Bulkhead Valves System
• Provide support to Sr Engineering Officer
• Distillate Water Plants and related components
• Distillate plant’s Thermal Balance
• Distillate Water Mineralizing systems
• Technical Water System including related components (piping, pumps, valves, actuators, level transmitters, etc.)
• Chemical Inventories including proper storage and labeling
• Anti-fouling and Anti-corrosion Plant (including records and loggings)
• Ocean Monitoring System (Sea Keepers) (where applicable)
• Portable cold/hot water treatment:
o Monthly E. Coli random test of four Fresh Water samples, as per company policy, and related logs upkeeping.
o At every Fresh Water Bunkering from shore, to analyze the samples taken by the carpenter ashore, as per CCL Policy.
• Galley equipment and Machinery
• Hotel equipment
• Laundry Equipment
• Waste Management Plant equipment
• Incinerator and Ancillary Equipment
• Gaylord System (where applicable)
• Swimming Pools, Whirlpool and ancillary equipment (maintenance, Repair, Treatment, and Analysis)
• Galley Hood and Ducts
• Life Boat and Life Rafts Davits
• Decks Machinery
• Fire Screen doors and Sliding doors
• Fork lifts and Trolleys
• Routine test of backflow preventers, including logs upkeep
• Carry out Engine watch with particular attention to:
o Main Engines functions and operation (Only CE Class)
o Auxiliary Engines functions and operation (Only CE Class)
o Power generation function and operations
o Operation of all M/E and A/E ancillary equipment (Only CE Class)
o Operation of all M/E and P/G ancillary equipment (Only FA-SP-DE Class)
o Purification system
o Conditions of bilges and bilges tanks
o Piping integrity
o Carry out engine rounds and report to engineer in charge for de-briefing
o Provide continuous supervision to systems in temporary operation
o Ensure safety measures are implemented and functional
• Participate in drills and training as required by the Company
• Ensure that all machinery assigned are in working order and in compliance with Environmental, Health, and Safety procedures, ensures maintenance is carried out at due intervals in accordance with planned maintenance and service requirements and all relate d logs and records are updated.
• Reports any abnormal condition of the machinery assigned.
• Any additional assignment as per Chief Engineer discretion
• Ensure that all aspects of company’s OH&S are effectively applied during his/her working activities.
• Records maintenance and inventory updates in InfoSHIP
• Supervises and checks receipt of ordered spare parts
• Ensure that all aspects of the company’s environmental policy and procedure applicable to his job tasks are properly carried out including, but not limited to, the proper labeling of all hazardous material containers including those which may be temporarily used, the proper storage and containment of hazardous chemicals including paints, and the proper application of the company’s personnel protection program

Any additional assignment, with regard to Hotel and Galley, as per Chief Engineer discretion.


• Nautical High School Diploma
• IMO Certificate, Regulation III/1, OFFICER in charge of an engineering watch other than second engineer officer on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of 750 kw or more
• STCW training certificates
• Security Awareness certificate
• Survival Craft Operator Certificate