Main duties and responsibilities:

- accomplishing all job tasks in accordance with established standards and passengers satisfaction.

- maintaining highest level of sanitation and personal hygiene according to USPH rules and Regulations.

- attending daily meetings with the Sous Chef.

- accomplishing the accountabilities in the department according to Company standards and assuring efficient food service.

- minimizing food spoilage and utilizing food surpluses.

- ensuring that the items prepared, displayed and served are meeting Company standards.

- regarding buffet and self-service, also ensuring a flawless presentation and, in case of meat, ensuring that items are cut according to specification in order to minimize waste and use meat trimmings. The Buffet 1st Cook, also giving enough lead time to the Ice Carver for special ice carving requests.

- ensuring that all requests are executed to the fullest Guest Satisfaction or of the station cook according to established standards and policies.

- performing other duties if necessary.

- working overtime if requested.

- being aware that all working hours on board are subject to change, according to the ship’s schedule.

- being aware of all fire, safety and emergency procedures.

- cleaning and sanitizing the station according to V.S. standards.

- filling out V.S. self-inspection forms before every port and submitting them to the Sous Chef.

- knowing the V.S. manual and using it as a guidance at all times.

- reporting all necessary repairs to supervisors.

- preparation and baking of pastries and desserts in the pastry department.


Must have finished a professional Hotel School with Certificate or at least 3 years experience in a large Hotel or Cruise ship Environment.

· At least 3 years in a big Hotel or Cruise ship Environment

· Creative, hands on attitude, some potential leadership skills.