Head Wine Steward


Department: Food & Beverage; Description: Responsible for the entire wine onboard wine program to include sales, training, inventory and proper requisitioning procedures. Assists wait staff with selling of wines during dinner service in Main Dining Rooms and provides overall wine service. In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.


• Responsible for that the forecasted wine sales PPD for the ship are met and exceeded.

• Responsible for achieving the guest satisfaction targets established for the ship in wine service.<br />
<br />
• Meeting the target cost of sales for the wine operation as determined by the company budgets.

• Ensures that all company wine service standards and sequences of service are being followed and adhered to by the staff while on duty.

• Assists in ensuring that the department is in compliance with all company policies, rules and regulations.

• Helps to resolve in a satisfactory and proactive manner all service and product deficiencies and follows up on guest comments and/or concerns.

• Ensures that the staffs under his/her supervision follow and are compliant with all Public Health rules and regulations.

• Maintains and safeguards records, reports and other documents pertinent to the staff and the operation as dictated by policy and as direct by the Company.

• Participates in planning and managing the continuous training of all the staff involved in wine sales onboard using only company approved training materials.

• Reports maintenance needs and ensures that all equipment is in proper condition and meets the safety standards.

• Reports breakages, abuse of equipment and negligent behavior when it comes to the improper use of Company property and assets

• Assists in achieving the budgets that are determined for the beverage organization when it comes to all departmental expenses, salaries and manning.

• Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the SEMS, and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position.


• Minimum of two years experience as a Wine Steward or Bartender on a cruise ship or a combination of ship and large hotel/bar experience in these positions.

• Advanced level English verbal and writing skills, including the proper use of English grammar is required.

• Supervisory knowledge in running a shift in a large restaurant and/or managing and servicing a large service bar.

• Proven track record in meeting and exceeding revenue targets, service standards and guest satisfaction results.

• Above industry average knowledge of beverage and wine products is required.

• Computer literacy and knowledge of Word Perfect and Excel is preferred.

• Experience with Micros point of sales equipment is preferred


• Secondary Education degree or equivalent is mandatory.

• Courses in safety, environmental, public health and sanitation regulations and procedures are required.

• Proof of continuous participation in wine and other beverage courses and seminars is preferred.