Human Resources Manager


Support a culture of commitment to the company’s Mission and Values.

Continual Improvement - The Human Resources Manager administers all aspects of the ship’s Learning & Development programs and resources. This includes:

Planning and facilitating HAL University professional development curriculum

Oversight of the Learning Management System (LMS) including ensuring full functionality of the system, accuracy of reports, monitoring/reporting course completion rates, and support of the learning resources available

Facilitation of the Compassionate Assistance Relief Efforts (CARE) training program

Strategizing and delivering development solutions for the dynamic needs of the shipboard operation

Career Roadmap - Champion the effective use of the Performance Appraisal, Rating Card, and Skill Set processes. Provide feedback and training to ensure fair, consistent, and objective measurement of employee performance. Administer the logistics of each process focusing on serving the leaders as a support and counsel.

Employee Orientation – Facilitate the polished, professional onboarding process for new employees including administration of the New Employee Orientation Program (NEOP). Support adherence to regulatory compliance by ensuring that all safety b

Employee Relations :

Follow up on Performance Improvement Notices (PIN’s) with employees and supervisors to work for positive results. Coach supervisors on the methods, means and rationale of fair and consistent corrective action according to applicable policy and law.

Crew Welfare - Support and enhance positive crew morale by:

Serving as Crew CARE Officer to support those experiencing trying personal circumstances. Direct employees to appropriate resources and follow-up as necessary providing extraordinary service and attention.

Being available and accessible to all levels of employees

Support and guide the ship’s PEP, diverse offerings of social/cultural/fitness/religious activities accordingly. Assess employee morale and develop strategies to enhance employee satisfaction; conduct monthly PEP meetings as necessary; communicate with other vessels and the corporate office to share best practices; ensure PEP Calendar is issued monthly.

Compliance Officers: Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006)

Have a thorough knowledge of:

- the International Labour Organization’s Maritime Labour Convention associate Flag State employment laws/regulations

- Support and advise the Captain regarding company policy & procedure to ensure the ship’s compliance

- Maintain the ship’s MLC2006 Resource and Inspection materials

- Administer the ship’s MLC 2006 Onboard Complaint Procedure

- Serve as the Company’s third-party designee to provide confidential assistance to seafarers navigating the MLC 2006 Onboard Complaint Procedure

- Provide recommendations for job description and skill set updates to the corporate operating manager(s).

- Interpret and advise Officers and Crew regarding policies, procedures and benefits.

- Deliver and process SEA Contracts

- Possess a working knowledge of the Safety Management System (SMS) manuals with emphasis on Seagoing Personnel Manual (MR-1000) and Training Manual (MR-1200).

- Support the progress and development of the Human Resources Clerk.

- Other duties as assigned included and not limited to Health, Environmental, Safety and Security responsibilities.

- Briefings are taking place consistently according to policy.


- Previous experience in this role

- Strong managerial skills

- Ability to obtain C1/D visa (if needed)