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On Board Human Resource Manager


The On Board HR Manager always:

- Represents employee needs and implements management agendas to ensure the concerns and needs of employees are being voiced to shipboard and shoreside management at all times.

- Consistently identifies high-risk situations and immediately escalates to the relevant parties.

- Effectively consults with employees at all levels through listening objectively and then providing solutions that support positive business results.

- Works collaboratively with all levels of management to consistently improve business results and meet business objectives.

- Promptly and accurately provides guidance to Managers / HODs in conjunction with Human Resources-related matters, policies, and procedures.

- Effectively implements all new HR policies and company initiatives.

- Introduces crew awareness communication.

- Efficiently and confidentially manages harassment and discrimination allegations and conducts prompt and thorough investigations as appropriate.

- Efficiently organizes and administers the Shipboard Orientation process by always facilitating the welcoming of crew, ensuring that all new hires attend Tier 1 Orientation, and accurately tracking and scheduling crew participation for Tier 2 Orientation.

- Attends all Master's Hearings as an independent and objective advisor.

- Ensures that all appropriate documentation is promptly completed for Master’s Hearings, disciplinary actions, demotions, and company-will disembarkations.

- Continually analyzes exit interview and newhire assessment data, monitors crew satisfaction, and identifies issues or concerns that may affect crew morale; reports to Captain as appropriate.

- Effectively chairs the shipboard Crew Club Committee, and promptly presents all crew welfare issues and funding proposals to program steering committee (Executive Committee).

- Effectively manages the Crew Welfare Coordinator function, maximizing this resource to ensure there is a balanced offering of social, recreational and educational programs.

- At all times, acts as designated shipboard Crew CARE Officer.

- Effectively manages the Service Loyalty Program

- Promptly provides consultation and coaching to shipboard management for all departmental and individual performance issues, including providing clear and concise guidance with development, delivery, and follow-up of Performance Improvement Plans and appraisal evaluations.

- Effectively oversees the administration of the entire shipboard performance appraisal process, providing support for end users, coaching and training Supervisors and above on how to maximize use of the system.

- Effectively and efficiently manages the Internal Transfer Program by providing career counseling to crew members and continually coaching onboard management in conducting interviews.

- Coordinates all shipboard interviews for the Internal Transfer Program and promptly communicates results to all relevant applicants.

- Knows team’s role descriptions, delivers them to all team members (new joiners, returning crew, and promoted crew), and communicates clear expectations based on each role description.

- Promptly completes performance appraisals that are fair, objective, and accurate measurements based on observed behavior.

- Observes each crewmember’s performance using his or her role description as a guide and delivers prompt and appropriate correction, improvement, or reinforcement. Coaches and develops skilled, engaged team members to become the Consummate Host.

- Identifies top performers and mentors them for career advancement or promotion.

- Effectively manages the day-to-day performance of all Fleet Trainers when onboard.


- Extensive previous experience in this role

- Excellent managerial skills

- Fluent command of the English language

- Ability to obtain C1/D visa (if needed)