Food and Beverage Director


Personal Characteristics:

- Demonstrated commanding presence with the ability and commitment to lead in line with all Company values and customer service ethic.
- Organized, detail-oriented, and accurate with strong executive management skills.
- Strong and personable communicator with outstanding social skills and a warm, friendly, and caring personality.
- Willingness to embrace all Company values and Service Credo and lead by example.
- Commitment to demonstrate empathy and display and deliver genuine care to our passengers and staff, and continuously surprise and delight passengers.
- Commitment to establish and maintain courteous and professional working relationships in a diverse cultural environment.

Customer Satisfaction:

- Ensures that customer service and product quality standards meet or exceed Hotel Policies & Procedures for every passenger interaction.
- Constantly monitors and promptly resolves all issues that affect shipboard Food and Beverage operations and the passengers’ cruise experience.
- Consistently reviews Passenger Relations feedback, corporate reports, onboard Passenger in Focus files, Let Us Know forms, and other sources of information to identify trends and issues; takes prompt action to ensure that the team surprises and delights passengers.
- Dependably leads the Food and Beverage management team in regular operational inspections to ensure Company standards are met or exceeded.
- Responsibly oversees special requests such as parties, in-port functions, weddings, onboard VIPs, special diets, etc., to ensure they are timely and accurately fulfilled.
- Willingly maintains a highly visible profile by effectively interacting with passengers and crew on a daily basis.
- Ensures that satisfaction and service ratings meet or exceed OBE targets. Collaborates with the Hotel General Manager to formulate and implement short- and long-term service improvement plans.
- Regularly coordinates the planning of programs and activities with the Cruise Director and Customer Services Director.

Product Delivery and Food and Beverage Operational Efficiency:

- Regularly oversees the day-to-day operational efficiency and quality assurance for all areas of responsibility, and develops controls when standards are not met.
- Ensures that clear communication and positive interaction is maintained across the Food & Beverage department at all times to provide consistent and efficient service.
- Constantly ensures that all Food and Beverage outlets are organized, that staff perform their duties to the best of their ability, and that equipment is maintained per Company policies.
- Regularly ensures that all Food and Beverage and Hotel supplies and provisions (on applicable vessels) are promptly received and carefully inspected; always spot-checks provisions for quality and quantity against the P.O./invoices and product specifications during every loading.
- Timely and fairly reviews and approves all ordering schedules, work schedules, bar reports, and manning levels.
- Conscientiously maintains open communication with all departments in order to ensure a clean, safe, and healthy environment.
- Reliably monitors all Food and Beverage technical-related issues and projects; respectfully collaborates with the Technical team to achieve a prompt resolution or to schedule future maintenance plans.
- Willingly and regularly chairs department meetings to discuss performance versus standards/budgets, corrective action plans, policy changes, and issues; coordinates efficient and feasible solutions.
- Constantly analyzes current processes to identify areas of improvement' develops long-term strategies to improve operational efficiency.

Food and Beverage Organizational Development and Planning:

- Regularly collaborates with Food and Beverage Managers to ensure that proper rotation, yield management, inventory allocation, distribution, and accounting procedures are followed at all times for Food and Beverage and Hotel storerooms (where applicable).
- Regularly reviews manning levels and the shipboard organizational structure; develops innovative proposals that optimize the use of resources and decreases costs.
- Willingly helps Senior Management analyze, develop, and implement new products and operational concepts.
- Commits to maintaining awareness of new industry concepts and products that may positively affect the onboard products and operations.
- Reliably and timely collaborates with onboard and shoreside management to plan and implement seasonal and/or holiday-specific activities, Food and Beverage schedules, and itinerary-specific requirements.
- Ensures all crewmembers are aware of and adhere to updates to applicable Food and Beverage policies and procedures.
- Oversees and directs staff in placing CrunchTime orders, ensuring all orders are timely and cost-effectively completed.

Safety and Compliance:

- Ensures compliance with Hotel Policies & Procedures, Fleet Regulations, and other internal, external, and governmental regulations.
- Maintains current, accurate knowledge of public health standards and ensures the department's compliance. Promptly helps coordinate of onboard resources and responses in case NoV, H1N1, or other outbreak situations necessitate increased sanitation levels.
- Timely and accurately updates all safety and compliance reports as required and always promotes a safety culture throughout the department.
- Ensures equipment is always used and maintained properly for safety purposes; ensures all staff members correctly utilize PPEs at all times.
- Willingly serves as a member of the HESS Action Team (HAT) and takes action to resolve relevant items.
- Always follows correct timekeeping procedures; responsibly reviews, maintains, and manifests accurate ILO records.
- Ensures constant compliance with all RSA policies and procedures; reports any escalated issues to shoreside Food and Beverage management.
- Ensures that all issues found during internal and external audits are appropriately and timely addressed, and thoughtfully develops plans to prevent repeat occurrences.
- Promptly performs General Emergency Organization duties as directed in the ERO.


- Minimum of five years of previous experience in this role

- Superb managerial skills

- Ability to obtain a C1/D visa (if needed)