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Shore Excursion Manager (On board)


Essential Duties:

- Meets or exceeds the revenue budget each voyage without interfering with passengers' enjoyment of the cruise experience.

- Enthusiastically engages in regular promotional activities including port talks, presentations, and the Cruise Director Wake Show.

- Ensures onboard tour order forms, fliers, PowerPoint presentations, and any other sales collateral successfully promote all programs and adhere to all brand marketing guidelines.

- Ensures all Shore Excursion staff maintains thorough and up-to-date knowledge of all tour programs; provides training on sales techniques and all policies.

- Collaborates creatively and effectively with other revenue departments to promote shore excursions.

- Schedules regular Tour Office hours and documented booking closing times per Hotel Policies & Procedures.

- Ensures tours are dispatched efficiently from meeting locations; carefully monitors status of tours returning to the ship and immediately notifies the Bridge, Customer Services Director, and Food & Beverage department of any problems or delays.

- Ensures that tour operators are timely notified of tour counts and all other pertinent information.

- Provides a positive first impression to every passenger through a warm, welcoming individual greeting; always maintains a spotless and professional appearance.

- Always delivers customer service that meets or exceeds Hotel Policies & Procedures standards for every passenger interaction.

- Ensures all passenger comments or complaints are solicited, listened to, and understood with empathy, showing genuine interest at all times. Ensures responses are appropriate and meets with passengers on a one-to-one basis as required.

- Ensures all passenger complaints are documented per Hotel Policies & Procedures, escalating issues to the Customer Services Director and other relevant parties as appropriate without delay.

- Calmly and respectfully communicates with tour operators to resolve all tour quality issues.

- Swiftly and satisfactorily resolves all customer relations issues resulting from passengers’ tour experiences.

- Meets or exceeds customer service budgets each voyage without interfering with passengers' enjoyment of the cruise experience.

- Routinely travels with tour operators to inspect and evaluate current products and develop new product ideas.


- Preferred experience in the cruise industry, preferably on ships with worldwide destinations.

- Preferred experience with public speaking and ability to create presentations.

- Extensive and proven knowledge of customer service standards.

- A proven track record of achieving and exceeding sales goals.

- Excellent background knowledge of the history and importance of areas visited.

- Proven organizational, logistical and communication skills

- Strong public speaking skills and ability to create both live and videotaped presentations.

- Ability to create informative talks using Microsoft PowerPoint.

- Ability to provide leadership and motivation to employees in pursuit of company goals.

- Experience in operations with a land-based resort or tour company beneficial. If experience is in excess of one year, consideration may be given in lieu of 8 or more months experience at sea.

- Prefer well traveled individuals with knowledge of popular tourist sites in one or more regions.

- Ability to work under pressure and anticipate and adapt to changes in plans, maintaining a positive attitude at all times.

- Excellent computer and English language skills.

- Must be capable of obtaining a C1/D visa