Sous Chef


Rotation: 6 months on / 2 months off.

Salary: approximately USD 3,400 per month and up.
Full room and board, flights paid by the company.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

- Directs, coaches, supports, supervises and evaluates (in conjunction with the Executive Chef/Chef) the performance of all direct reports.
- Works very closely with the Asst. F&B Manager in order to accomplish tasks related to equipment control and maintenance, as well as USPH rules and regulations training and reinforcement.
- Directly responsible for implementing and executing food handling and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH standards in the assigned partie in the kitchen organization as outlined in the Safe Food Handling Manual and cleaning specifications per partie.
- Monitors all Cooks’ working hours and completes report of overtime for payroll purposes.
- Must be knowledgeable about the established quality standards and company policies in order to supervise his/her staff.
- Has thorough knowledge of the United States Public Health rules and regulations and ensures they are followed throughout the entire operation on a daily basis.
- Is accountable for the achievement of company budgets regarding food cost and inventory levels. Must investigate any discrepancies immediately.
- Ensures the galley cleaning schedule established by the Executive Chef/Chef de Cuisine is followed by everyone after each service, exercising proper methods to minimize equipment damages.
- Responsible for the control and maintenance of all equipment distributed to the Cooks that need to be cleaned and sanitized after each service and returned to the Chef’s Office.
- Evaluates all staff upon sign off and in the evaluation periods requested by the company. To assess employees are showing potential for further advancement and develop their managerial level of responsibilities.
- Ensures that all Cooks are in proper, well-maintained uniforms, with special attention to those working in public areas. Personal appearance and hygiene must conform to company policy.
- Ensures the galley is prepared for announced or unannounced USPH inspections done either by the ship’s management or USPH inspectors.
- Provides proper training for the new employees and follows up on their progress.
- Responsible for maintaining the quality and consistency in taste according to recipes and photos provided by the corporate office.
- Monitors the food production and records the leftover covers using the provided forms.
- Controls and provides daily food requisitions to the Provision Master for the next day’s preparation according to the Executive Chef/Chef forecast.
- Actively supervises the preparation and presentation of luncheon and midnight buffets and is physically present during their service. Duties may include the supervision of the afternoon tea time.
- Ensures that the HACCP program is carried out correctly.
- Must be present in an early standby each time the ship is subject to a USPH inspection.
- Has a thorough understanding of Time and Attendance procedures, shipboard training, and is familiar with the contracts and work schedule hours/week and supporting documentation.
- Must have excellent knowledge of USPH rules and regulations.
- Performs any other duties assigned by the Head of Department.


- Candidates must be older than 21 years
- Able to speak fluent English
- Minimum 5 years of work experience in 5 star hotels/restaurants/ships
- Diploma or Degree in Hotel Management or Culinary Arts