Casino Dealer


Rotation: 6 months on / 2 months off.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

- Conducts all Casino table games according to established guidelines and procedures.
- Exchanges paper currency for playing chips or tokens. Announces the exchanges and updates clicker counting device to record the intake of cash.
- Ensures that wagers are placed before table gaming proceeds, such as cards are dealt, roulette wheel is spun, or dice are tossed.
- Accurately maintains the handling of cards, dice, chips, money and other gaming equipment at an appropriate rate to maintain the proper pace of the game. Inform players of the rules and regulations as the game progresses.
- Announces all winning hands, numbers or colors to players. Computes payable odds to pay winning bets. Pays winning bets and collects losing bets.
- Observe the players around the table in order to recognize playing style. Maintains an awareness of the guests to avoid possible security risks. Notifies management and/or security of suspicious behavior. Settles player disputes and refer escalated guest complaints to management personnel.
- Participates in casino cash and coin counts as assigned by Casino Management.
- Performs any other duties assigned by the Head of Department.


- Candidates must be older than 21 years
- Able to speak fluent English and any other language will be appreciated
- Minimum 2 years of work experience in 5 star casinos
- Diploma or Degree in Hotel Management will be appreciated