Cruise Ship Retail Sales Manager


In addition to analyzing sales and inventory reports, the retail sales manager will be in charge of motivating and coaching a sales team to help them achieve and exceed the sales goals established by Starboard’s corporate team, headquartered in Miami, FL. The manager will train staff on product knowledge, selling techniques, safety procedures, proper operation of POS systems, proper reporting of potential loss, and on customer service skills.

One of the primary goals of the retail sales manager is to ensure that outstanding guest service is being delivered while promoting high quality retailing standards to ensure customer satisfaction and increased profitability. The retail sales manager will ensure that the merchandise received is displayed correctly based on Visual Merchandising standards. When necessary, the manager will report damaged merchandise or inadequate levels of inventory to management.


- 3-5 years experience of retail management experience
- At least 3 years experience in overseeing a sales team
- High school diploma required
- College coursework in retail/hospitality or business administration preferred.
- Ability to demonstrate exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills
- Ability to manage a retail operation with annual turnover of at least $2M USD
- Ability to manage team of 8+ associates
- Ability to deal with customer complaints in a professional manner
- Ability to communicate effectively in English (both orally and in writing)
- Ability to travel abroad for 6 months at a time