Expedition Leader-Shore Excursions


The Expedition Leader manages all onboard programming and off-vessel activities as part of the larger Vessel Management Team. The Expedition Leader (EL) manages the day-to-day activities while supervising a team of up to four Expedition Guides, who lead hikes, kayak trips, interpretive presentations and skiff rides. Other activities may include: paddle boarding, snorkeling and camping.

The EL also oversees the Wellness Instructor and assigns them tasks or duties as their schedules permit. The EL has exemplary leadership, team building, management, and customer service skills. He/she manages program safety policy and procedures, and is well versed on destination topics including, history, culture and natural surroundings. The EL has a solid background in interpretive program development, group outdoor adventure leadership skills, and cooperative management skills.


 Manages programming and scheduling for off vessel excursions, presentations, and meal times; communicates this to the guests and crew in an easy to understand and well documented manner
 Communicates with the Vessel Management Team (VMT) regarding routing and off vessel excursions, disembarkation/embarkation, meal times, docking and any onboard management issues
 Works closely with the Captain to coordinate any changes in schedule, route or special circumstances.
 Remains well versed on company history, brands and vessels and is able to communicate information to guests with ease and confidence.
 Builds and develops the Expedition Guides into a strong and communicative team
 Supervises, trains, schedules, coaches and formally evaluates up to four Expedition Guides
 Oversees the execution of the daily plan by the Expedition Team, including timely departures/arrivals, safe and informative excursions, professional and educational interpretation in the field, formal onboard presentations, and gear maintenance
 Manages all administrative tasks assigned to the Expedition department including: forest service permit
logs, daily itinerary updates and guest briefings, kayak and skiff safety orientations etc.
 Ensures the timely delivery of all necessary voyage paperwork to the Seattle office at the end of each voyage
 Maintains a current inventory of all resources aboard and requisitions needed materials as appropriate
 Presents the Next Adventure sales program during each trip with the Hotel Manager
 Upholds company standards and policy, including meeting and/or exceeding guest’s expectations.
 Maintains professional demeanor with guests, crew, staff, agents, officials, and the public


Candidates must be US citizens or permanent residents!


 Minimum two years of team management, leadership, and conflict resolution experience
 Minimum two years experience leading guests in the field on kayaking and hiking excursions
 Preferred or equivalent experience: Minimum education of a Bachelor of Science in natural resources, marine biology, environmental education or policy, botany, forestry, environmental geography, anthropology, history, or other related field of study
 Prior small ship cruise industry experience strongly preferred
 Communication and writing skills that provide explanation of very complex or technical matters to people with little or no background in the area under discussion
 Polished social skills and maturity to communicate clearly, positively and calmly under stressful conditions to the Captain, crew, and guests
 Interpersonal skills that provide the ability to regularly deal with situations where opposing views are encountered and satisfactory resolution of issues must be achieved
 Outstanding customer service mentality and practice
 Supervisory capacity to manage highly educated and/or specialized individuals in a close, community setting
 Ability to train and provide guidance to others and/or to review their work in written and verbal evaluations
 Proficient user of computer systems, with the ability to utilize MS software applications in a Windows environment
 First Aid/CPR and Wilderness First Responder Certified

Required Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

• Valid Passport•CPR / First Aid / AED
• Wilderness First Responder•STCW Crowd Management (1)
• STCW CrisisManagement (1)
• Security Awareness or VPDSD (1)
• USCG 25T Masters License (2)
• Costa Rica Guide Certification or Panama Guide Certification (3)
• Wilderness First Aid (4)•Medical Fitness Certificate (5)
• MARSEC Card (6)•Drug/Alcohol Test Specimen Collector (7)
• Certified Interpretive Guide certificate with National Association for Interpretation (7)

(1) Required for Safari Voyager, Safari Endeavour, and Safari Quest; preferred on other vessels. Company provided if needed.
(2) Required on Safari Explorer Hawaii itineraryand Safari Quest
(3) Required for Safari Voyager -Only for native Costa Ricans and Panamanians for their country of origin
(4) Acceptable for Safari Voyager in place of WFR
(5) Required for Safari Voyager
(6) Required on Safari Explorer Hawaii itinerary (If you do not currently have, there will be a training once onboard)
(7) Company preferred


Duties and responsibilities are generally performed in a Marine Operations setting, primarily onboard a vessel.
Must be physically able to work 12 hours per day, seven days per week, for 6 to 12 weeks at a time. The 6-week work period is the normal, but not necessarily fixed onboard schedule, and it is followed by a 2 to 3 week break. Environmental conditions generally include ambient inside temperature, ambient inside lighting, ambient to loud noise levels, all weather conditions, occasional use of required protective clothing and an irregular work schedule.

Mobility demands generally include lifting up to 50lbs, bending knees, squatting,
crawling, twisting, pulling/pushing, reaching over the head, climbing vertical ladders 7 feet in height, sitting or standing for hours at a time, walking up to five miles in a day over uneven terrain and moderate to severely steep slopes, ability to paddle a kayak up to 10 miles in a day for several days a week, and fitting through a 28-inch wide hatch. Handling stores includes: the dynamic and momentary strenuous lifting and lowering of objects between the ground/deck level and a height of about 4 to 6 feet; continuously repeating these
movements about once per minute continuously for up to 20 minutes; repetitive turning and twisting of the body while holding these objects, and passing or receiving objects between people as frequently as every 10 seconds; and repeatedly carrying objects of similar weight a distance of up to 100 feet every one to two minutes for as long as 20 minutes without stopping. Each of the above evolutions may be repeated several times in the course of handling ships stores. Sensory demands generally involve a computer terminal; telephone and radio operation, microphone and PA systems.