Australian Acoustic Duo to work on Cruise Ships


If your duo sounds like a 4 pieces band without using backing tracks... we are looking for you!

Amateur and intermediate musicians, please do not apply.

Travel, accommodation, meals and vacations paid by the Cruise Line!

4-6 months contract onboard cruise ships traveling the world!

Salary: US $S3000/month, per musician.

Lounge Duos perform in various arenas around the ship, encouraging couples to dance and allowing guests the nostalgic pleasure of listening to their favorite songs from past decades.


Duos must have large repertoires heavily centered around Top 40's pop; Motown, country, blues and pop ballads.

An Ideal formation would be: Singer/guitarist & singer/bass + stompbox/tambourine, for example.
Plenty of experience and a large repertoire list are required.

Candidates must be able to provide links to promo videos.