Professional Established Vocal 4 Piece Groups or Duos for Cruise Ships


We are looking for Professional and fully established 4 piece Vocal Harmony Groups or Duos with their own material. Can be Classical Crossover, Musical Theatre, Motown or any variety of styles suitable for cruises.

This is for the major cruise lines/ships to be considered as a Cabaret / Entertainer for fly on / fly off Entertainer contracts in Europe / Worldwide. NO set contract dates in place yet.

Please provide a current and "live" show-reel of group or duo, set list, bio, photos for consideration.

This is NOT for a placement for a performance within a show.


As a group or duo you MUST be able to provide sufficient material for at least 2 x different 45 minute shows per engagement (average contract 1 week per ship) all shows repeated twice per show night. Additional shows or performance material are a plus.

Must have own band arrangements for a 4-8 piece band and or own backing/click tracks.

Professional experience is essential.