Chef de Partie - London Interviews


Job Summary: Performs basic working functions within galleys and presentation/set-up of buffets. Maintains the line’s high culinary standard.

Positions supervised: Demi Chef de Partie (DCDP) and Commis de Cuisine (Commis).

Essential Functions:

- Ensure that each DCDP and Commis understands his/her portion of the menu, including the recipes and presentation, which are required.
- Active participation on food preparation and presentation.
- Maintain USPH/UKPH standard, which includes follow up of proper food handling, storage, cleaning and personal hygiene procedures.
- Reports defective galley equipment to ensure that food production and food service is not interrupted.
- Follows proper utilization procedures of food leftovers and recycles them in the best possible and safest way.
- Maintains timely preparation, final cooking and garnishing of menu items, including buffet preparation.
- Maintains pertinent Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP) and Safety Management System (SMS).

Secondary Functions:

- Ensure that yield and portion control measurements are followed as per company standards.
- Setting-up of breakfast, luncheon, and dinner service lines and to ensure that menu items are re-supplied as necessary.
- Ensures that waste control, low grocery breakage and garbage separation is followed.


- Knowledge of basic food preparation, presentation and preservation
- To be knowledgeable of the USPH and other international Public Health rules and regulations by participating in the company's Basic Food Hygiene course every 2 years and achieving a minimum of 80% pass.
- Formal degree in food management from a recognized International culinary institution
- Proof of continuing education translated in certificates or letter of participation in specialized courses
- Basic command of English language
- Ability to train and motivate subordinates
- Ability to innovate and foster creativity
- Ability to organize and complete work in accordance to deadlines


- You need to speak English fluently

- You need to have a min age of 19 for river ships and 21 for ocean cruise ships

- You need to have previous hospitality experience

- A degree in Hospitality or previous ship experience is an advantage