Beverage Manager


1. Directs the activities of beverage service personnel, including Cellar Master, Asst Beverage Manager (except Prinsendam), Head Bartenders (Vista only), Bartenders, Beverage Attendants, GPA Bars and Wine Attendants.

2. Directs and ensures the implementation and execution of corporate policies and procedures within the Beverage Department.

3. Controls, measures and reports Bar Sales Outlet performance on a daily basis and takes required corrective action to ensure operations are in accordance with the company standards and objectives.

4. Achieves or exceeds Bar Revenue and Cost objectives for the established cruise program targets. Creates new opportunities and maximizes existing ones to generate extra revenue. Manages the beverage outlets as separate profit centers, assuming all responsibility for all revenue and expenses. Maximizes profitability by increasing turnover (revenue and covers). Ensures that department’s operational budget is strictly adhered to and that all costs are strictly controlled. Recommends measures to control/reduce costs.

5. Develops and recommends merchandising and promotional programs to maximize Bar Revenue and Service objectives for established cruise program targets. Identifies market needs and trends, creates concepts and communicates these to the Corporate Office for approval. Monitors product movement onboard and special offers. Plans and implements an effective sales plan and promotional activities in each bar.

6. Implements inventory and audit procedures for beverage facilities consistent with operational policies and directives. Along with the Controller, ensures beverage inventories in storeroom and Bars are at the par level determined by the Company. 

Works closely with the Controller and Provision Master in regards to inventory taking, cost control, loading, ordering and storing. Ensures that all bars are counted after each cruise and investigate discrepancies. Assures correct pouring of company sponsored parties and ensures proper void handling.

7. Responsible for achieving Guest quality standards and rating for beverage services consistent with company goals. Personally gets involved with handling guest concerns. Personally liaises with group leaders, media, Travel Writers, site inspections, VIP’s and guests in general.

8. Assures beverage facilities are maintained at company standards and meet or exceed USPH requirements. In addition, inspects lounges and bars in respect to physical condition, equipment condition and presentation and ensures prompt repair and maintenance through proper use of job orders. Includes being responsible for and maintaining garbage separation guidelines.

9. Directs and coordinates the assignment, training and scheduling of beverage service personnel in accordance with operational requirements.

10. Plans (along with other departments) and schedules private and company functions as required by following up on Party reports with detailed preparation and service information as a guideline for beverage staff to execute the function. Maintains open communication of key operational information at regular meetings. Is present at all functions to ensure proper mise en place and execution.

11. Ensures that the correct pouring quantities are being poured, that recipes are followed and that all standards as set forth in the Mixology program are followed and maintained.

12. Assists on any project as assigned by the Hotel Manager or Corporate Office.

13. Maintains all vessel records and forms as prescribed by company policies, manual and directives. Ensures that all reporting to the Hotel Manager and Corporate Office is completed in a timely manner.

14. Is responsible for the efficient running of the crew bars, ensuring cleanliness and good service at all opening times.

15. On a daily basis makes an effort to check in with every member of the Beverage team and monitor the overall operation and mood of the team. Makes every effort to take an active interest in the team’s welfare, safety and development. Ensures that everyone has a complete understanding of all the vessel’s rules and regulations, including fire, health, hygiene and safety policies.

16. Monitors grooming and personal hygiene of beverage crew members.

17. Is responsible for the overall training of the beverage team. Coaches and mentors direct reports and subordinates. Identifies beverage staff for promotion using the current training guidelines. Reviews each and every rating card on bi-monthly whilst the training card on a monthly basis. Prepares mid-contract and end-of-contract appraisals for all SEA contractors in the beverage dept.

18. Provides periodic feedback on beverage crew members and evaluates performance of the middle management. Creates realistic goals and sets objectives for the entire team and follows up.

19. Counsels non-performers and does not hesitate in disciplining in accordance with company policy.

20. Actively participates in the safety and accident prevention programs, including weekly boat/emergency drills.

21. Complies with and causes to comply with House Rules as stated in MR-1000. Maintains a consistent application of disciplinary procedures.

22. Every Hotel Officer shall possess a certificate of competency of Lifeboatman.


- Experience in managing a large multi-national bar staff.

- Experience in Beverage Sales & Marketing, concept and new implementation fulfillment.

- Extensive knowledge of varying brands and quality of liquors.

- Knowledge of new and old world wines including food and wine pairing.

- Ability to read, interpret and demonstrate the preparation of drink recipes.

- Ability to investigate and solve guest complaints, follow up and meet/exceed guest expectations.

- Extensive knowledge of beverage handling procedures in regards to public health standards. Attendance of a certified USPH or HACCP course preferred.

- Demonstrated aptitude for the financial aspects of a bar operation, including the successful identification of expense reduction through cost control.

- Demonstrated aptitude for the management of headcount within assigned area, as it relates to and supports the business needs of the vessel. (Scheduling)

- Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.

- Excellent appearance, self-starter.

- Revenue and guest satisfaction focused.