2nd Executive Chef


Main Duties: Responsible for production of all food being prepared and served in the Lido according to standard menus and recipes as established by the cruise line.

- Assist the Executive Chef in directing and supervising the preparation of and service for all food onboard in accordance with the established company's menu and recipes. In the absence of the Executive Chef, is responsible for the overall operation of the kitchen.
Assist the Exec. Chef in maintaining standard corporate recipes to be followed during the preparation of all food items.

- Responsible for achievement of Lido COB ratings for food taste, food variety and presentation.

- Responsible to manage minimum waste by preparing the food in small quantities.
Assist the Executive Chef in implementing and executing food handling and cleaning procedures for entire kitchen in accordance with USPH standards. Follows all HACCP procedures as set by company.

- Responsible for quality, quantity, attractiveness and correctness of all food items served in the Lido as per company's standards. Assists Executive Chef with same items as they relate to over all food production for passengers and crew.

- Assists the Executive Chef in directing, supervising and training of all employees assigned to the entire kitchen organization. Follow company guidelines for orientation of all new hires.

- Responsible for the performance, appearance, dress and personal conduct of all assigned employees and reports on these subjects objectively and timely to the Executive Chef.
Prepares work schedules of all employees in his kitchen organization for approval by the Executive Chef.

- Controls actual hours worked and records and reports these on the appropriate forms to the Executive Chef and other departments as per standards set by the Marine Hotel Department.

- Assists the Executive Chef in preparing objective performance reports for Petty Officers and crew on a monthly basis in the kitchen organization in order to make recommendations for advancement to semi skilled positions.

- Responsible for checking that quantity and quality of items ordered from stores are received and stored in proper condition according to USPH procedures and thereafter used in accordance to standard corporate recipes, reporting any discrepancies to Exec. Chef.

- Assists Executive Chef with developing and implementing all menu cycles for food service onboard the ship. Adheres to company par stock levels as set by program.
Make recommendations to Executive Chef for menu changes based on food trends.
Responsible to implement, execute and supervise proper maintenance and cleaning procedures in all kitchen areas in order to ensure good appearance and condition of these areas.

- Reports any malfunctioning equipment or furnishings in need of repair or refurbishing to the Executive Chef.


- Maintains a high level of productivity, cleanliness and sanitation throughout the entire kitchen operation.

- Assists the Executive Chef with the production and service of safe, wholesome, high quality and attractive food for the passengers and crew.

- Closely supervises and inspects his complete area for operation and cleanup after each service period according to USPH procedures, conducts inspections with the Executive Chef of his complete area of responsibility before every American and Canadian port. In turn, conducts the same inspections with his assigned Sous Chef’s, Chef de Parties and Demi Chefs. Follows the provided checklist and cleaning schedule in order to accomplish the inspection objectives.

- Works closely with Sous Chef’s and Chef de Parties under his supervision to identify and assign all cleaning responsibilities.

- Practices visible management during all meal hours to ensure an efficient food operation for both passengers and crew.

- Adhere to all Marine Hotel Directives.