- Provides excellent quality food and beverage service to all Guests attending Dining Rooms, Lido Buffet and/or any other area as instructed by the Dining Room management.

- Ensures that Guests are familiar with his/her name and the name of his/her assistant and what their duties are, including wine service.

- Must be able to address dinner Guests assigned to his/her station by their family name by the second day of the cruise.

- Provides assistance to Guests with menu explanation and wine suggestions.

- Takes orders and ensures that food and/or wine/beverage is served no later than the appetizer and that food is delivered as ordered by the Passengers and at the correct temperature.

- Ensures that table setting is in accordance to the instructions given by the Head Waiter, with clean, well-pressed linen, spotless glassware and china, and the proper well polished silverware.

- Ensures that each table in the station has fresh flowers, full salt/pepper shakers and the correct table number.

- Ensures that USPH rules are followed throughout the service in the Dining Room and/or any other area assigned to him/her.

- Responsible for the appropriate handling of all equipment and supplies within his/her area of responsibility to minimize breakage, loss and theft. Maintains an adequate inventory of materials necessary to provide an excellent level of service.

- Responsible for the Assistant's behavior during the service and for the training and explanation of menus and wine suggestions.

- Promptly reports all issues related to food and beverage service to the Head Waiter and/or Maitre d' Hotel.

- Responsible for the Guest's satisfaction in food and beverage service.

- Responsible for maximizing revenue and maintaining a very high profile at all times.

- Must be familiar with wines recommended on the menu.

- Responsible for withdrawing the wine list from the table to indicate that the order is taken.

- Assist with any and all other services as requested by the Head Waiter or Maitre d' Hotel, including side duties of cleaning and maintenance.


- Catering/Hotel School
- Good knowledge of food, wine and beverage service
- Previous Food and Beverage experience
- Excellent grooming standards
- Usage of P.O.S. system
- Good social skills
- Ability of furthering his/her knowledge
- Ability to work under pressure and stress

Experience in quality establishments and good knowledge of English are essential.