Junior Assistant Cruise Director


The role of the Junior Assistant Cruise Director is instrumental in ensuring a premium product within the Entertainment Department. The Junior Assistant Cruise Director will be the one who works well within the team of his/her fellow Cruise Staff and the ship’s company and is prepared to actively participate in all aspects of the department’s responsibility with enthusiasm.

A typical day for a Junior Assistant Cruise Director could include:

- Hosting trivia, deck sports, games

- Hosting theme night events (i.e., 50’s night)

- Hosting karaoke or dance lessons

- Library and golf links manning

- Under the supervision of the Senior Assistant Cruise Director, assist with the total administration of the entertainment program. The objective is to ensure maximum passenger satisfaction in all activities and duties, as outlined in company guidelines.

- Be present at the gangways for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.

- Arrange and participate in the administration of all passenger activities.


- Foster a congenial atmosphere at all times.

- Be aware of passenger reaction to entertainment events; report the level of success to the Cruise Director.

- Be available whenever and wherever needed to assist the Entertainment Department in the achievement of their goal of total passenger satisfaction with entertainment programs.

- Spend a proportionate amount of time each day in the company of passengers; endeavor to develop conversations. At times, male Junior Assistant Cruise Directors may be asked to dance with female passengers.

- Take an active part in the safety procedures onboard complying with Fleet Safety regulations, including the mustering of passengers in drills and actual emergencies.