Photographers and Video Producers (Videographers)


A major cruise line in the premium class is now looking for Photographers and Video Producers who can combine their creative passion with strong and convincing sales skills. And best of all, we offer one of the best compensation packages for Photographers & Videographers in the cruise industry.

Successful candidates must be professional, outgoing, highly motivated, team-oriented, and possess strong customer service skills.


- Minimum age: 21

- Must have 1+ years of work experience or 2+ years formal training as a Photographer or Video Producer

- For Photographers: Strong computer skills & digital photography expertise using professional grade camera equipment required

- For Video Producers: Strong computer skills, non-linear editing, and experience using professional grade digital Video cameras required

- Retail sales & customer service experience isstrongly preferred

- Princess covers the cost of flights,meals,hotels,uniforms and all equipment used on the job