Safety Officer


Job Summary

* Ship's Safety Officer

Responsibility and Authority

* Commit to the Company’s Core Values – carry out daily activities following the R.I.T.E. way – Respect, Integrity, Trust and Excellence are the foundation of all our actions, every day, in everything we do.
* Assume personal responsibility for safety and the environment. Be accountable for themselves and the safety of others in their vicinity. Environmental consciousness forms one part of this accountability.
* To familiarize with the bridge equipment whenever joining a new vessel.
* To familiarize with the vessel’s features whenever joining a new vessel.
* To prepare a handover report prior leaving the vessel.
* Attend Shipboard Safety Committee meetings.
* Perform lifeboat inspection/checks before launching or recovery operations.
* Carry out tank inspection as delegated by Staff Captain.
* Assess condition of Carpenter’s workshop air ducts and filters after cleaning.
* In charge of conducting instruction classes for all joining personnel right after joining the ship.
* Keep records of Exercises and Drills in the Deck Logbook.
* Share the watch on the bridge with the Master and Staff Captain.
* Under the supervision of the Staff Captain organize the Enclosed Space Rescue Team.
* Assign Fire Watch for hot works to be carried out on board.
* Fire Risk Assessment team deputy leader.
* Organize and supervise the cleaning of the laundry lint.
* Investigate accidents.
* Keep track of the exemptions from training, exercises and drill activities.
* Ensure the correct implementation of the Port Safety Manning.
* Participate to crew cabins inspections.
* Attend shipboard senior management meetings.
* Train Deck Officers on the job.
* Train persons non part of the active crew of the vessel berthed in crew cabins.
* Complete evaluations for subordinates.
* Supervise galleys’ ducts cleaning.
* Carry out random spot check of galleys’ hoods and filters after cleaning.
* Responsible to organize a general boat and fire drill at the end of each dry dock to assess the crew readiness.
* Implement of the Planned Maintenance System and the effective repair and maintenance of all fire fighting equipment and life saving appliances and other safety equipment. Advising the Staff Captain of any defects or malfunctions of safety related equipment.
* All other duties as assigned.

Subordinate Positions

* 1st or 2nd Deck Officer Assistant Safety
* Chief Fireman

Reports to

* Staff Captain


Education and Experience

- 1st Officer’s qualifications and licenses in compliance with all International and National conventions and regulations.
- Chief Officer’s license, endorsed by the Flag State, and all of the certificates as required by the STCW 95.
- 2 years experience on passengers vessels of which at least one as 2nd Officer.
- Full knowledge and understanding of the Company SMS.
- Thorough knowledge of the vessel he/she is assigned to.

Leadership and managerial skills including but not limited to:
- Seamanship
- Decision Making
- Team Building
- Coaching and Counseling
- Communication
- Conflict Resolution
- Budgeting
- Time Management
- Computer Literacy
- Customer Service