Show Singers Who Can Dance-Candidates from Canada and USA


Dynamic and experienced vocalists skilled in multiple styles including R&B, contemporary pop, and rock are encouraged to apply. Females must belt to a D or E; Males must belt to Bb and have strong falsetto.

Please prepare and submit a video vocal audition. If your vocal audition is approved, you will be invited to a dance audition.


Must be very strong singers who can demonstrate the vocal styles of the show including R&B, contemporary pop, and rock & roll. Females must be able to belt to D (or E). Males must have up to Bb with strong falsetto ability.

Your video submission should not exceed five minutes in length and should contain at least three cuts of songs demonstrating the different styles & tempos - no a capella.

Anybody that is selected will be contacted to come into an invited dance call as well.

Please include a picture and resume with your submission.