Showband Musicians - Piano-Horns-Guitar-Bass-Drums


Each company's vessel features a band which provides music for the ship’s production shows, featured entertainers, and themed music nights. Carnival seeks experienced, well-rounded musicians with a high level of proficiency with their chosen instrument.

Some ships require strong sight reading skills, while the ability to "play by ear" is more important on others. We are looking for both types of musicians, and the ability to perform a wide variety of diverse musical styles quickly is essential. Rhythm section players should be able to read a variety of different styles of charts, and be familiar with a broad range of contemporary musical styles.


Your submission video should include:

- A brief introduction with your name, location, and reason for applying.

- A short clip of you performing solo material highlighting your musicianship.

- A short clip of you performing several simple grooves (guitar, piano, and bass players may make up their chord changes): Rock and Roll, 12/8 R&B, Pop, and “Motown” R&B style. The performer should pay special attention to achieving the correct sound and style.

- A short clip of you reading one piece of your choice, in any style, that is demonstrates your reading ability.