Activity Hosts - Entertainment Staff - Candidates from Canada and USA


Seeking outgoing personalities who like to have fun and entertain others.

The primary role of Activity Host is to assist the Cruise Director on a daily basis to create a fun and entertaining environment for our guests. The position will concentrate primarily on developing microphone skills and crowd management while providing a basic foundation of office and management knowledge.

Activity Host will host, assist, train, create and observe many activities at different levels throughout his/her time onboard. Activity Host will host basic non-revenue generating activities, primarily away from the main stage and involving small number of guests. He/she will also be used on show watch and at major meet & greet events.


Activity Host will need to show good microphone skills and friendly demeanor while presenting activities in a clear and enjoyable manner. He/she will continually develop and create new trivia to be used in the weekly rotation of events onboard.