Senior Bosun


The Bosun shall have knowledge of the required deck operations and safety procedures and he/she shall establish a weekly work schedule, for routine maintenance taking into consideration the vessel's itinerary, times and local regulation and restrictions.

The Bosun shall administer the deck maintenance program striving to maintain high work morale and inspire crew to effective work methods.

The Bosun shall assist the Chief officer in the evaluation of the deck ratings and shall closely monitor their progress and skill development suggesting promotion for the qualified candidates.

The Bosun, in close cooperation with the Supply Officer is responsible for the deck stores inventory, including tools and paints and he/she shall ensure that appropriate stock levels are available at all times.

The Bosun is responsible to run daily checks on overtime, and make sure that it is kept to the budgeted levels.

Other position responsibilities include but are not limited to those outlined below:

- Clean, rust scaling and paint the vessel's hull, decks, mast and superstructure.
- Clean, rust scaling and paint the vessel's interior and enclosed spaces.
- Maintain safety and life saving equipment when ordered/requested.
- Maintain mooring gear/ropes.
- Rigging of tender gate and platforms and see that it is safe.
- Washing and cleaning of exterior surfaces. Supervision and
- Set up of washing teams.
- Set up sea watches together with Chief Officer.


- Must have valid STCW II/4 - Ratings forming part of a Navigational Watch.

- For this position we are looking for someone with at least 3 years of experience as a Bosun on a large ship of at least 60,000 or more GRT.