Chief Officer


The Chief Officer is second in command of the ship and function as the head of the deck department.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Work according to the 6 key principles: show well, the right delights, service wow, sails are up, destination engagement and magical moments.
Functions as second in command of the vessel and chairman of the safety committee.
Responsible for navigation and supervising watchstanding officers.
Monitors established budget, labor and costs to maintain maximum efficiency and achievement.
Directs the onboard safety programs, activities and repair of safety equipment and navigation equipment (including masts and sails).
Directs the ship's lifesaving program and equipment maintenance.
Responsible for the onboard security program and accident investigations and reporting.
Directs the ship's maintenance program, except for technical maintenance.
Supervises the ship's arrivals and departures.
Fulfills passenger entertainment/social duties as required.
Responsible for inventory of the deck department.
Responsible for maintaining the ships' log book.
Participate in the daily management of the ship along with the Captain, Hotel Manager and Chief Engineer.
Functions as head of deck department. Directs and supervises Boatswain and deck crew. Directs training in the use of tenders and inflatable boats.
Performs a minimum of 10 hours per day.
Holds navigation watch( Spirit and Star)Performs and manages other duties as assigned.


The following courses and/or certificates are mandatory:

NEOP, Fam/Pers Surv (STCW)
Chief Mate & Master- II-2
Safety Training (4pt STCW) - included as part of an officer's license
Ship Security Officer
ARPA (Deck Officer)
Crisis Management and Human Behavior

The following courses and/or certificates are required:

Valid Seafarers Medical
Must pass a security background check