Captain / Master


Directs the operations and activities of officers and crew members onboard, including: safety, maintenance, certification, documentation, passenger services and compliance with multi-government regulations.

Captain’s Responsibilities and Authority:

Implementation of the safety and environmental-protection policy of the Company.

The Master takes rank and precedence over all Officers.

The Master is tasked with the successful execution of the voyage, and therefore should ensure the following:

The vessel is maintained in a seaworthy condition at all times.
The safe conduct of navigation.
The safe manning of the vessel.
The implementation of Company Policies.
The understanding, implementation, review of the SMS.
The compliance with legislation and regulation that affects the operation of the ship.
Organizing and participation in emergency drills.
The welfare of the crew and guests.
Report any matters concerning safety and environmental protection that require the assistance of the Company for correction to the DPA.
Good co-operation between all departments onboard to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the ship.
Keeps the Company fully informed of all matters affecting the vessel’s operation.
Timely notification to the Company of matters required to ensure the Vessel’s Statutory Certificates remain in force.
A general oversight of all parts of the vessel’s operation
Performs and manages other duties as assigned.

Overall supervision of onboard operations:

Ensure all assets are used, displayed and deployed as advertised to maximize our Guest experience.
Maintain company’s high standard of quality.Monitor and assess overtime reported by Officers and Crew in the Deck and Engine departments.
Monitor and review trends in the revenue streams, always looking for ideas to improve.
Discuss the monthly P&L (profit and loss) spread sheets with his staff.
Responsible and stays within the TOP assign to the vessel.
Be proactive with the implementation of Windstar Cruises policies.
Have a positive and encouraging attitude towards Officers and Crew.
Instill onboard the ship a culture which makes the Guest experience a focus for all Officers and Crew.
Maintain budget awareness in all areas; know when an area is over budget.
Identify underperforming areas in operations; communicate this to the office with a suggested action plan.

Guest experience:

The Captain of our ships is an important part of our Guest experience.
The company requires a Captain to be sociable, charming and engaging when interacting with our Guests.
It is expected the Captain will make himself visible and approachable to our Guests.
The Captain will be on the lookout for opportunities to enhance our Guest experience, for example: If you notice the sunset enhancing a coastline with beautiful colors, take the time to sail closer and allow our Guests to experience it as well.
Work according to the 6 key principles: show well, the right delights, service wow, sails are up, destination engagement and magical moments.


The following courses and/or certificates are mandatory:

NEOP, Fam/Pers Surv (STCW)
Advanced Firefighting
Safety Training (4 Part STCW) - included as part of an officer's license
ARPA (Deck Officers)
Crisis Management and Human Behavior
Bridge Resource Mgmt
Valid CoC master unlimited
Valid Seafarers MedicalMust pass a security background check