The company is expanding its public file per day from the Maritime Officer job! For the first time since the introduction of the Marof training on HBO and vocational schools in the Netherlands there is the possibility in this position to sign on one of the ships in the fleet.

HAL Beheer BV invites young, newly qualified MBO and HBO Maritime Officers to apply for this challenging and varied position on board our ships. The future Maritime Officer at the cruise line will alternate, each sailing period, both in the engine as used on the bridge. With the introduction of the Maritime Officer on our fleet, we distinguish two levels in this position, the Marof A combination of the 4th Marine Engineer and fourth mate, and the Marof B, a combination of 4th Marine Engineer and third mate.

The introduction of the Maritime Officer opens the doors for those graduates who, after successful completion of the study, a clear preference for the Marof position and previously only signed could be a very small number of carriers.


Successfully completed study of college or vocational Maritime Officer, held a valid certificate and the desire to both disciplines to serve the most modern ships in the world who collectively have a trade of 305 different ports each year. Education MBO / HBO Marof