3rd and 4th Marine Mechanics. The third engineer is the hub of the technical service.
He / she is partly responsible for the maintenance of the state of the art facilities of our modern cruise fleet.
The third engineer was classified as Engine Maintenance Manager or Chief of the 8-12 guard. Engine Manager Engine Room If he is part of the Maintenance Team on board.
His own team comprises a fourth WTK, an Engine Mechanic, two locksmiths, a plumber and a foreman with 10 wipers.
If the 4th engineer you will be working in 3-wait system on board or you are part of the team of the Engine Maintenance manager.
The third engineer has the choice between the systems leave at 3 / 2 off or 4 on / 2 off.
The fourth engineer runs services for 4 months followed by two months leave. The complete machine service by sea is about 50 persons including 15 Dutch or British Officers - Chief of service,


A completed study MBO or HBO maritime officer.
In possession of a valid certificate and a Dutch seaman's book.
Education HBO / MBO Marof hold certificates STCW 1995