We are looking for Environmental Compliance Officers who will work onboard our ships.The contract duration will be 4+1 months; if interested and with positive performance the candidate will join Company shifts and will have an opportunity to work and grow with the cruise line. The Environmental Compliance Officer reports directly to the Ship’s Master and Manages and Monitors all Environmental related issues of the Ship, including the training of all Crew;

- Reporting to the Captain;

- Having a direct line of Communication with the Environmental Management Executive (EME) and/or his delegate(s);

- Periodically checking that the ship fully complies with the procedures of the Company Environmental Management System (EMS) and with Carnival Corporation Corporate Environmental Standards (CENVS) and report to the Master and Environmental Management ashore;

- Having unrestricted access to all areas onboard;

- Giving assistance to internal and external auditors during environmental audits;

- Giving support to all crewmembers in finding a solution to environmental related problems;

- Being the on board responsible for the organization of garbage management (as defined by MARPOL V);

- Verifying that all types of waste are properly managed, according to applicable laws and Company procedures;

- Being responsible to periodically check environmental log books;

- Being responsible to carry out Environmental trainings to all personnel onboard, according to Company procedures. Moreover, he is responsible for the keeping of the records of all the environmental training. Personally carrying out the following trainings: Environmental Training (basic and advanced); Department Specific Training, when required; Equipment Specific training, when required;

- Periodically and according to a fixed schedule, monitoring the correct management of hazardous materials onboard, according to the requirements of CENVS008 and checking in particular that: all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of hazardous materials used onboard are available;

- Hazardous materials are stored according to the MSDS requirements and incompatible materials are not stored together “Diamond” labels of all hazardous materials are available, easily readable and correctly filled;

- Taking part to periodic meetings at the presence of the Captain and the other Heads of Department to discuss environmental issues;

- Being guarantee of the correct sampling of waste waters and other types of waste according to the agreed sampling protocols. Being responsible to archive and distribute onboard the sampling results received from the shore side offices;

- Checking that the Captain is promptly and properly informed about environmental incidents and that all incidents are notified to Quality Standard Compliance and Auditing (QSC&A) and relevant Authorities (locals, state, federal, international) as applicable;

- Being the appointed liaison between the ship and shore side department QSC&A for all environmental related issues;

- Assisting the Captain and the EME to answer questions or complaints from guests or crewmembers about alleged environmental misbehaviors;

- Being responsible to inform external contractors working on board, about relevant environmental issues and keeps record of the training;

- Being responsible to monitor the follow up of environmental findings;

- Being responsible to update the contents of the Environmental Analysis of the ship.


Our candidate preferably has:

• University degree in environmental studies
• or High School Education and relevant experience of at least 3 years on board;
• Excellent communication skills
• Computer and software skills;
• Good knowledge of environmental regulations;
• Managing and controlling skills;
• Strong attitude to respect deadlines and commitments
• Ability to work in multi-cultural environment;
• Excellent English.
• Availability for contracts of 4+1 months duration.