2nd Engineer


As the 2nd Engineer, you will play an important role in creating a safe working environment in the engine room by ensuring the safety, efficiency, and maintenance of machinery. In addition, you will also serve as an Engineer Watch Officer (EWO) in the Engine Control Room (ECR) as per S.T.C.W code.

Career snapshot:

• Responsible for the maintenance of various systems, including main diesel engines, auxiliary diesel engines, and boiler plant with related pumps, pipes, valves, heat exchangers, and sludge burning devices

• Maintain evaporators and reverse osmosis plant with associated equipment, including, but not limited to pumps, pipes, valves, softening filters, and mineralizers. In addition to all chemical dosage plants for fresh and seawater. Analyze and dose boiler water, cooling water, and heeling tank systems

• Responsible for the maintenance of Azipod and Fixipod lubricating oil systems, including Steering Gear and associated hydraulic system. Additionally, accountable for maintenance of diesel oil, fuel oil, gas oil, and lubrication oil systems

• Additional maintenance responsibilities include pre-heaters, separators, cleaning equipment, transfer pumps, Bilge, Ballast, and Heeling systems with related pipes and valves

• Watch keeping duties.


• Graduate of Maritime Academy

• 2nd Engineer’s License in accordance with the STCW regulations III/2 convention issued by a country that has ratified the convention

• Working knowledge of safety equipment

• Previous management experience with a team of 4-10 individuals

• Solid project planning, coaching, organizing, staffing, controlling, and evaluating skills

• Strong communication, problem solving, decision-making, and interpersonal skills

• Working knowledge of computers, internet, and the ability to navigate within a variety of software packages such as Excel, Word, or related programs

• All international applicants must have the ability to obtain C1/D visa (and other relevant visas) when applicable

• Must meet all physical requirements, including the ability to participate in emergency life-saving drills and required training


• 6 months or more sailing as licensed 2nd Engineer