Reports directly to the Chief Children Animator, works individually and as part of a team in order to entertain and socialize with young guests at all times throughout the cruise. He/she has to develop the children/teens entertainment programme and prepare and keep in order the materials in the Children/Teens club.

- paying particular attention to the sanitation and security rules set by the Company concerning the management of the Teen zone and the Teen activities proposed during the cruise.

- keeping up to date on the most popular activities, dances and music, in fact on everything that will most please a public who is willing to have fun and get the most out of their vacation.

- interacting with guests, particularly paying close attention to behaviour, keeping in mind at all times that any staff member represents the style of the Company.

- socializing with Guests during their staying on board: the embarkation and disembarkation, the shore excursion disembarkations, the various cocktails, the cruise, the theme parties…etc.

- addressing all Guests’ needs, anticipating where possible the particular requests of the various Guests’ typology.

- using all supplies and materials provided at the children’s Department (scenery, costumes…etc…) to the best of the personal abilities.

- preparing all the necessary for the various activities well in advance, paying attention to details, using things in a correct and efficient way.

- promoting the various entertainment activities, trying to involve Guests in an active or passive participation according to their typology and various needs.To be edited by the recruiter upon publication


Candidate must have:

- Good presence and health

- High School Diploma and/or a degree in Tourism or any related field.

- Good skills in interaction with guests (children and teens), good sport’s and artistic skills, good team player.

- Team player, people skills, ability to interact with teens.- Computer skills, good sport and artistic skills.

- Good English knowledge and beyond the native language the candidate needs to be intermediate in one additional language (i.e. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin).