Web Merchandising Specialist



Responsible for implementing and reporting results of the website's testing programs. Assist with set up targeting content based on user actions database profiles passed to the site by cookies.

Develop and implement website marketing promotions and content updates on the website including home pages, online banners, landing pages and search term results according to the eCommerce business plans.

Develop online marketing campaigns and maintain short and long-term strategic web campaigns to drive sales.

Lead the conceptualization, implantation and tracking of new A/B and multivariate tests, contrasting content and page layout to optimize web KPIs.

Deliver dynamic and custom content to users based on user-actions and demographic cookies delivered on database segmentation

Work with Revenue Management, Onboard Revenue, and Marketing to come up with onsite merchandising concepts and landing pages for promoting ships, partner offers and promotions with the goal of improving the percentage of visitors to the website that become sales leads and customers.

Develop landing pages, website promotions and merchandising ideas. Follow content management workflow process for editing and posting promotions.

Make composite images with Photoshop landing page layouts and work with a graphic design team to get the assets of the web page(s) and codes. Choose images and give guidance on what needs to be done on the photo/images.

Write HTML codes for landing pages. Give suggestions and recommendations to improve the visibility of the website or web page in search engines and search results.

Compile and analyze web metrics associated with the web pages and merchandising to evaluate performance and effectiveness of promotions and campaigns and modify future tactics as necessary, making changes to copy/messaging, price-point positioning and visual elements.

Work with the web analytical team for other metric tracking and results and react accordingly setting up in the back end target content to browsers.

Manage promotions and sales communicated on the mobile site. Make sure the mobile website platform is integrated into the website back-end systems.

Ensure that the company's mobile site is promoting the correct products and offers to mobile users, and that all assets including images, landing pages and terms and conditions placed on the website can be viewed by the mobile user.

Responsible for overseeing the development of smart phone applications.

Coordinate the ongoing addition of landing pages and images that go with promotions to target our brand and product by delivering best content to drive increased search relevancy and increased conversion/booking and sales.

Coordinate promotional focus and messaging with the business and other marketing departments.

Maintain a master calendar of all planned and actual promotions for the use of the e-Commerce team that shows the promotional support which impacts the site visits, bookings, and lead generation of the website.

Interact and collaborate with the Direct Marketing team to ensure that visual site merchandising has best marketing practice usability standards are implemented to provide a clear call-to-action, meets brand guidelines, and has revenue focus with clear communication to customers.

Perform other job related functions as assigned.


Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, eCommerce, Web Design, Merchandising or related field of study; or any equivalent combination of relevant education, experience and training.

Experience in website promotion, and at least 1-2 years in e-Commerce marketing and website design.

3-5 year's experience in an e-commerce environment. Online industry or travel agency experience preferred. 2-3 years working with online promotional content.

Sound knowledge of marketing fundamentals and solid decision-making skills sufficient to evaluate and decide on site content placement and product merchandising opportunities.

Experience with content management systems. Understanding of e-Commerce analytical tools, testing tools and landing pages optimization.

Deep understanding of web design principles and usability practices.

Strong knowledge of database principles and data warehouse mining.

Fundamental grasp of web analytics and financial analysis capability.

Strong working knowledge of leading Internet technologies, development applications, and supportive protocols, including: HTML, XML, FLASH, SSL, Web Services, AJAX, RSS.

Superior Knowledge of Project Management Tools and Software: MS Visio, MS Project, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Drupal, CMS website.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite to include Excel, Word and Outlook.

Strong verbal and written communication skills to write clear and concise web content. Interpersonal and business skills to interact with all levels of team members effectively.

Highly detailed oriented with organizational and time management skills to manage multiple projects simultaneously and to shift priorities according to business needs.

Ability to work effectively in a team environment.

Ability to persuade and convince others.

Ability to handle multiple assignments under great pressure and with little margin of error.

It is Company policy to employ qualified candidates regardless of race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, mental or physical disability or veteran status in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.