1st Baker - Upscale Cruise Line


The 1st baker is responsible for assisting the chief baker to ensure that the bakery production targets are met and the bakery team is producing high quality items for various outlets on the ship. The goal is to consistently delight and surprise the passengers throughout their cruise.

Areas of responsibility:

* Knowledge of making and baking different sorts of breads for example:
French bread, Western Diner Toast Bread, Whole wheat, Rye, Raisin. Danish Dough, Croissant Dough, for breakfast Soft Rolls or butter rolls.
* Co-ordinate and co-operate with the senior baker for daily production
* Capable of working with different nationality's (Japanese and Philippines)
* Respect of hygiene and knowledge of U.S.P.H. is important Responsible for cleaning and keeping bakery in good order.

Previous hotel/restaurant experience is required. Cruise ship experience is not mandatory, but will be considered as a plus.