Assistant Buffet Stewards


The Assistant Buffet Steward performs well by anticipating and attending to passengers’ needs, maintaining and presenting service areas with care so team can provide a smooth and gracious experience.

The Buffet Server is responsible for setting up tables, linen, glassware, silverware and china as well as presenting food and beverage menus to passengers within the assigned area of the Buffet/ Casual Dining Restaurant.

During the time this food and beverage venue works as a self-service buffet and the main duties of the Buffet Steward/ Stewardess are to clean tables, transporting back to the buffet galley soiled dishes, glassware and silverware and refilling coffee and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages.

The Buffet Steward/ Stewardess is responsible for keeping cost and expenses to the limits set by the cruise line by minimizing breakage and wastage of china, glassware, silverware and other materials. The Buffet Server follows company guidelines regarding uniforms and personal hygiene and ensures that the assigned work station is clean and sanitized according to the cruise line standards and USPH and/or UKPH rules as well as follows proper procedures when disposing of garbage.

Requirements: this is an entry level position and it is at the bottom of food and beverage serving positions aboard the cruise ship. Candidates should have certain experience in a restaurant or hotel. Cruise ships experience would be a plus.