Photographers for Major Upscale Cruise Line


The Photographer is responsible in this role for creating unique photo memories at sea in line with the Company's brand strategy, enhanced with excellent customer service, while achieving or exceeding budgeted financial goals.

The Photographer is responsible for photographing guests involved in ship and tour activities throughout the cruise and producing quality photographic products for sale to the guests. To establish the areas of work effort required ensuring the performance of duties; and defining operational standards for Photo Department personnel aboard cruise line's vessels.

Photographers will be involved in shooting embarkation, gangways, standings Portraits, dining room, couples and tables, deck, costumes etc as well as the following:

• Will take proper care and maintenance of all photographic equipment assigned to them
• Will make effective use of training in regards to perspective and composition ideals.
• Will use proper application of photographic equipment including camera body controls, zone focus techniques and learn from training techniques such as flash/ lighting ratios to produce top
quality images
• Will help other photographers to set up portrait studios and photo props and adhere to all safety procedures related to set-up
• Will communicate effectively (in English) projecting a warm and friendly personality at all times.
• Will work together with the team to reach the goals of the department
• Will perform any task deemed appropriate by the Photo manager such as wear costumes

Photographers are aboard each cruise vessel to generate (onboard) revenue and contribute positively to the guest experience. Photographers must always be friendly, helpful, honest, and project a professional image.