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Some of the crew members hired by cruise lines are sharing with us their photos. Here you can review some of them and get a general idea about life aboard a cruise ship. Do not get confused though, most of these shots have been taken during crew members' leisure time, this is not what they do aboard the ships most of the time. Any new photos would be greatly appreciated. These could be shots of yourself, other crew members, interior and exterior of the ship, ship life, seascapes, landscapes, ports of call, landmarks, shore excursions, beach parties etc. Anything that is related to your life as a cruise ship crew member. Please, include a description of the photo or/and any interesting information regarding the photographed objects. We would particularly appreciate photos of crew members hired as a result of using our services.

Please, specify whether you wish your name to be displayed or not. All photographs will be watermarked with the web address of our site (www.CruiseShipJob.com).

You can email us your photos as attachments. Please, submit a message through our Contact Form and we will send you our email address (registered with us crew members, please use our regular correspondence email address). You could also publish your photos or videos on our Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/cruiselinejob (materials not related to the subject will be deleted and users blocked).